I like my fair share of adventuring, exploring, making a fool of myself, but all of that is pretty exhausting. And Zach is constantly on the go. When we first met, I asked him if he was religious, and he said that his religion was "Fun." He seriously does. not. stop. Most of his favorite activities involve something dangerous that will most likely land one of us in the hospital. Dating someone like this is thrilling, it's exciting, it's refreshing. But all of that means nothing to me if you can't appreciate a good nap.

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a couple months ago, when Zach was in India, we were facetiming one night and decided to plan a trip for spring break.

I'm a huge believer in spring break, guys. It's almost religious. I think its so necessary to take a break (I probably take more than I should) and just relax and de-stress somewhere sunny and warm and drink pina coladas (and by pina coladas I mean sprite) and just love your beach goddess self for a week. Last year I went to Hawaii, and the year before that I went to Thailand, so basically, I set the bar pretty high for spring break. So this was the ultimate boyfriend test. to see if he could hang. And I think our conversation went something like this:

"How about we go to Iceland?"

"They have beaches in Iceland right?"

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Finding indyblue

This is where I discovered two new things about myself. I was a writer. And I was a manipulator.

Thus, my love for writing was born. I used my talents in all areas of life. I wrote pop songs, dramatic journal entries, plays, short novels, love notes to Seth Pratte, ect. Writing was my outlet, it was how I expressed myself. Sometimes I used writing, or big words to intimidate others. Like the time my mom was called in for a parent-teacher conference after my first day of fourth grade, because I wrote on my "goals for the school year" paper:

1. I will not be the teacher's victim.

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a list of loves

Todays blog post is all about love. I'm feeling it lately. I never thought in a million years I would have back to back viral videos. The video from Europe that I posted on sunday already has over a million views on twitter alone. Thats MIND BLOWING!! Posting videos is always a gamble, you never really know how people will react. I checked my phone after 10 minutes of it being posted and saw it was already at 1,000 likes, and that alone sent me into a fit of heavy kim kardashian sobs. I say it every time but its not about the numbers, its about the people. It's not just numbers! It's you guys! actual people watching my videos and feeling something because of it. So no, numbers aren't everything but it feels pretty dang good to have my hard work seen by people all around the world you know?? I feel the love from every single one of you who reach out to me wether its DM, snapchat, instagram or email, to tell me you liked my video, that I inspired you, or that you want to marry tristen. Seriously. YOURE ALL GEMS and I wish I could hug every single one of you. 

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that one time I had a viral video

I'm a bucket list kind of girl.

It's mostly in my mind, but sometimes I'll write down my biggest hopes and dreams.

  1.  Work for Vogue 
  2.  Watch the Olympics in person
  3.  Braid Snoop Dogg's hair
  4.  Become the Nanny for Harry Styles someday in the future when he has multiple gorgeous and talented children with curly hair and slowly ruin his marriage from the inside and steal him for myself
  5. Freestyle battle Childish Gambino
  6. Make a vine with Mr. Moseby and get him to say "stop running in my lobby"
  7. Move to LA
  8. Swim in the Mediterranean sea
  9. Nobel Prize
  10. Go to Space
  11. Take a selfie with Billy Ray Cyrus
  12. Mother Leonardo Dicaprio's children
  13. Make a viral video

Some call it crazy, some call it ambitious, but I am here today to tell you that I have officially crossed off my first item.

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life update!

Hi guys! sorry to leave you hanging, I'm so bad at consistently posting. In my head, i'll think of a hundred things I need to be doing before I write a post. Like watch Stranger Things all the way through. twice. Like writing and publishing a novel. Like setting a world record. Like finding Jimmy Fallon's address and breaking up his marriage.... you know, really important things.

I honestly couldn't even think of where to start, so I'll just give you guys a quick little life update. 

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Over on instagram you guys asked me some questions. I was overwhelmed with the response! Thank you! I mean seriously, I was relying on my mom and my girls camp counselor from 2010 to be the only commenters but you guys pulled through. This is probably what Ryan Lochte felt like last week when he was being questioned. Except without all the Harambe references.

(seriously guys, whats with all the Harambe questions? Let a girl HEAL.)

Like I said though, TONS of questions, so I'll skip my usual self deprecating introduction and dive right in.

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This summer has already been 10/10 and its only july?!?! Best summer ever I think. I've watched the sun fall behind the New York City skyline, and i've seen it dance along the horizon of the pacific ocean. And I still couldn't tell you which one I like more. here's my latest video documenting the best days of my life so far. (blog post about each seperate trip coming soon --- once I finish 90210 on netflix) 

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If you are reading this, my trap worked, and i've lured you into validating me on another social media platform. A BLOG!

I've been in the blogging game for years guys this shouldn't surprise you. However, I decided to make a new blog as I am in the process of transitioning from young baby faced blogger who writes one direction fan fiction, to big girl blogger who writes reviews about green tea and documents my OOTD's. 

Just kidding guys, this isn't that type of blog. I really truly just have a lot to say, and sometimes the 140 character limit twitter allows just doesn't cut it.

(but i can't promise I wont post a cute outfit when i'm really feeling myself and the selfie lighting is good. you get me.)

So here is a super lame, first blog post where I talk about myself to my invisible followers who most likely know all of these things about me already, (assuming my readers are still grandma, and that random young womens leader from 8th grade)

So. What you need to know:

I am 18 years old living in happy valley Utah County. I love Utah. The majestic mountains, bad drivers and unnecessary amount of soda shops, utah is my home.

However, I have recently discovered the adrenaline rush of buying a plane ticket, and after a recent trip to hawaii all by myself (seeee! i told you I was a big girl now!) I have planned 20 more trips to satisfy my wanderlust. I'm always looking for people to travel with so if you are a nice person who likes rap battling on long roadtrips, text me because disneyland trips are a NECESSITY and I need more friends to hold hands down main street with. 

I film videos and theres a tab at the top of the screen that you can click and check out my vids! it means so much when people watch them, let alone tell me they like my work so thank you you sweet people out there who have built up my confidence to the point where I can even have a blog with my videos on display.

I'm a fangirl, by choice, but part of me believes it runs through my veins. Jesse McCartney, Troy Bolton, Justin Bieber, One Direction... I am not ashamed. But I am single. There's a correlation I promise.

My talents range from lip syncing "rappers delight" flawlessly, to getting the attention of the baby in front of me during sacrament meeting. As you can see, I have a lot going for me.

Stick around! I can't promise you good writing, but the bachelorette comes back in two weeks so I CAN promise you that we can make fun of it together.