(posted on january 1st 2013)

December 31st, 2012.
about 20 minutes left of the year.

all plans fell through, and after a desperate attempt to hang out with my family on the turn of the year, I came home to an empty house at around 11:30 on new years eve. The night was great, or I thought it would be. i got ready for the night, ready to stun all of my midnight kiss suitors. I probably even wore deodorant. Sadly, i forget who i am. 10 minutes into a party, and im bored and uncomfortble, looking for possible exit strategies. I also forget that when youre a sophomore, a cool party is a bunch of douche bag guys hitting up any girl who there best friend hasn't. Or has, in my school's case. as fun as it is to be the one at the party who sits on the wall and decides which overly dressed girl would die first in the hunger games, i figured that i shouldnt be spending my holiday fantasizing deaths of my peers. Around 10 oclock the cool kid crew I bought my way into decided to go sledding at midnight. unimpressed, i asked the senior boys to take me home. i wasnt pouting. not yet anyway.

I came to the conclusion, the usual one that happens in every disney channel movie, that family was important. I realized that fate brought me home on this december night, to be with the ones I love.

the whole ride home I invisioned my loving family, gathered around the television, welcoming me with open arms as we counted down the final seconds of the year, preparing our confetti and martinelli bottles.

I walk in to an empty house. everyone was gone? this never happens on disney channel.
surely something good would come out of this right? I turned on the TV to new years in times square. I even made myself sit through an awful performance by my nemesis, taylor swift. the whole time, promising myself to be nicer to her in the new year. we never really got along, so it was a big deal. I was ready to forgive her for taking harry for awhile. but that was over now. haylor was done.

i sat on the couch with a completely irritated look on my face as the countdown began. i started thinking about how all my friends were getting some right then, and how i hadnt kissed a boy since the ninth grade. i looked at my dog gus, who was just as disapointed. at least i had my buddy gus. the clock struck midnight, (we have a digital clock, but my description was better) and i waited for something to change. i sat there with slumped shoulders, and just then, a glimmer of hope flashed in my head. this was a new year. a chance to make things better. I smiled a little, patted Gus on the head, and turned my attention to the TV. Was that? No... It couldnt be. She wouldnt...

2013 started off horrible.

(taylor, shout out to you baby.

but here i am, on the same day i was exactly a year ago and its almost adorable, now, to think about.

and all I can say is 2013, was easily the best year of my life. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.