Two things that bloggers are really good at:

+ organic recipes

+ coming up with excuses why they haven't blogged in so long

I am good at neither of these things.

*collective sigh from mommy bloggers everywhere*

But I have stopped in for a day, to say what's up and to fill your heads with dramatic thinking.

(Normally, this is where I would promise to post more, but my New Years resolution was to keep my promises. Yolo)

I'm on the downhill slope of my senior year. However, when I say "downhill slope" I'm referring to the black diamond my uncle took me on when I was 7. (I'm still scarred.) Senior year is no bunny hill. It's anti climatic. We've waited our whole lives to become seniors, only to realize, there are no lunch room dance routines like some Disney Channel franchise so cruelly made us to believe.

In the midst of all this stress, I channeled my inner Blair Waldorf and decided to leave the future generation of Jenny Humphrey'swith some humbling advice.  I understand that not everyone will relate to what I have to say, which is why it's mainly directed towards high school girls. Cause HEY would ya believe it??! IM A HIGH SCHOOL GIRL.

So here we go. I hope this list makes you want to run a triathlon, write a best selling novel, donate plasma, graduate with honors, or binge watch Friends on Netflix. Either way.


1. No one is as cool as they seem on instagram. Not even Kendall Jenner. My girl Alexa Chung said it best when she wrote, "Girls, remember that the right filter can be fantastically flattering and she probably doesn't look that good in real life"

2. Watch the Bachelor. It will make you feel intelligent beyond compare. Related, Chris Harrison is my spirt animal.

3. Get a gym pass. For reals. Even if it's just so you can get into Vasa's dirty dancing classes for free. See you Thursday.

4. Emotions are cool. Cry when you're sad, cry when you're happy. Cry when Harry Styles turns 21.

5. but, stop romanticizing depression. Don't let tumblr make you think being sad is glamorous.

6. Text that cutie you're crushing on. Text him TWICE! THOU SHALL NOT BE IGNORED.

7. Never use social media to express how much you hate social media. Think about it.

8.  Let people be happy DANG IT. And more importantly, be happy for them. If your best friend decides to be a scene girl, who listens to fall out boy, and panic at the disco, then let her. -- Pray for her, of course, and maybe don't go out in public with her, but by all means be HAPPY for her. (Love you Courtney.)

9. I mean honestly, being happy for others is one of the most important things we can learn. It's hard, jealousy is real, and sometimes life's not fair. Be happy anyways.

10. People who don't comment on Instagram pictures are pebbles in the shoe of life. Do it. Do it right now.

11. Always treat people, with the awareness that none of us know what anyone is going through. So be good to people. It's such a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

12. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. and if that doesn't work out, then go in the direction of the guy in the mall who gives out chicken samples

13. "Friends" is on Netflix. ILL BE THERE FOR YOUUUUUUUU. (And so will Netflix)

14.  If you still can't say "J.k." Without whispering "Rowling" then, you are terribly immature, and let's be best friends.

15. You are not defined by the amount of likes on your selfie. But DO NOT EVER REGRET POSTING A HELLA CUTE PIC OF YOURSELF. This is important. Everyone deserves to feel good, to feel pretty. Even if they need to use social media to feel that way.

16. Stop comparing guys to movie characters. It will save some heartache. Truthfully, we are asking a lot from boys when we tweet things like, "Why can't all guys be like Agustus Waters?" I mean, he's a character in a movie given good lines and a terminal disease, not all guys are going to be like that.

17. Go to lunch with your dad. Stay up late talking to your mom about mean girls, and the cutest boy in school. You'll never regret the times you spent with your family.

18. Before continuing, get out your old JB album and scream your heart out to "one time." I know you're nostalgic of the bieber fever days. ME FREAKING TOO. Today marks 3 years since the birth of my JB obsession. (I was that girl who wasn't a fan until the movie, and yes I'm still insecure about it.) oh justin, you little d bag. I remember the days when my heart would flutter upon hearing your name. May the fever rest in peace.

19. "Comparison is the thief of joy." Learn this concept. Engrave it in your mind. Once you accept that comparing yourself to others is a complete waste of time, you will be so much happier.

20. Never convince yourself Taco Bell is a bad idea. How dare. Nothing tastes good as skinny feels? Yeah, but has Candice Swanepoel ever tried a beefy nacho loaded griller? I rest my case.

21. Despite what tumblr might tell you, "sex, drugs, lana" isn't a good motto. Or senior quote. Sorry mom.

22. It's cool to have opinions. It's cool to know what's going on in the world. But, remember, you are not edgy and different because you have a controversial opinion. You're also in high school. Keep that in mind next time you decide to jump into a twitter fight about politics.

23. Always dress like you're going to run into your ex boyfriend. Khloe Kardashian said the best revenge was a good body. I'm also typing this, while doing squats.

24. Apologize. To everyone you've ever wronged. No matter how long it's been. It's worth it, I promise.
Here, I'll start.

Taylor Swift,
I'm sorry I said your haircut was ugly.

Also I'm sorry for sending you anonymous twitter hate during the "Haylor" phase. I'm not proud of those times. I'm hoping we can move forward and support each other professionally from here on out.

(But please stop hanging out with Matty Healy, thank you.)

25.  Count blessings, not calories. RIGHT LADIES? *fist bumps you with chicken nugget*

26. Choose good friends. You don't have time for people who are weird about sharing their deodorant.

27. On the subject of choosing friends, it should be noted that at least one of them should be able to spit every verse to Hood Mentality with you, when it's been a long day and you're feeling gangster rappy.

28. Leave the country. I am, and it's already the best decision I've ever made. Saving every paycheck, and working over time isn't fun, but riding elephants in Thailand is. Set goals. Make it happen.

29. Be nice to everyone. Everyone! High school is lame as it gets, but it's some of the best years of our lives. A couple months from now, and you'll never see half of these kids again. So say hi to strangers. say thank you to your teachers. Make a fool of yourself cheering for your basketball team. Don't over think high school, but for the LOVE, enjoy it.