a list of loves

I would be good at blogging. If blogging was as easy and fulfilling as holding John Travolta's high note in 'summer nights.'

The good news is, I have A LOT of fun stuff coming. Expect the full Europe post sometime in the next two weeks and of course a VLOG! You'll get so sick of the words "Hoi" and "Ya" by the end of all of this. But you guys are the best and you love me and I love you right back.

todays blog post is all about love. I'm feeling it lately. I never thought in a million years I would have back to back viral videos. The video from Europe that I posted on sunday already has over a million views on twitter alone. Thats MIND BLOWING!! Posting videos is always a gamble, you never really know how people will react. I checked my phone after 10 minutes of it being posted and saw it was already at 1,000 likes, and that alone sent me into a fit of heavy kim kardashian sobs. I say it every time but its not about the numbers, its about the people. It's not just numbers! It's you guys! actual people watching my videos and feeling something because of it. So no, numbers aren't everything but it feels pretty dang good to have my hard work seen by people all around the world you know?? I feel the love from every single one of you who reach out to me wether its DM, snapchat, instagram or email, to tell me you liked my video, that I inspired you, or that you want to marry tristen. Seriously. YOURE ALL GEMS and I wish I could hug every single one of you. 

Now that we have the mandatory self promotion paragraph out of the way, I decided to make a list of things i'm vibing right now. Feel free to comment with your own list. We could all use a little more love in our lives. And patrick dempsey. we could all use more of him.


1. throwbacks. No, i'm not talking about the hashtag you use on thursdays to distract from the fact that you're only posting a photo because you look really hot in it. (you do that. we all do that.) I'm talking about young money-CASH MONEY-I can make your bed rock-soulja boy tell em THROWBACKS. that good stuff that you were never allowed to listen to in junior high but your best friends edgy older brother would always bump in the car. And I mean honestly, is there anything truly more satisfying than hearing an old song you use to jam to and still being able to flawlessly rap nicki minaj's verse without even batting an eye? I think not. I'm a sucker for a good throwback. And its not just throwback music thats good for the soul. Put on some drake and josh, go feed your tamagotchi and pull out your old jesse mccartney posters. its time. Reliving the glory days is so important, and a key ingredient to happiness. It is also important to note that I am typing this while wearing a juicy couture sweatsuit and heelys. I am 100% serious. Here's a throwback playlist for all my thug babies:


2. sprite. you really should know this about me already, but there are a few new faces around here so I'll explain. I have a love affair. With a carbonated drink. Its not diet coke. (I'm waiting until i'm an alpine mom driving a range rover taking the girls to their competitive dance studio to introduce diet coke to my system. theres a time and place for everything.) It's sprite. Some people hate it. Many are confused. But please, its very special to me and I ask you politely to not judge me on something you can't understand. Also. I know one of you reading this has a rich uncle who knows the CEO of sprite. or the CEO's girlfriends first cousin. There has to be a connection somewhere don't be greedy. I need a sponsorship.

* me posting this picture because I love sprite *

* me also posting this picture because my hair ?? looks ?? so ?? good ?? please care? *

3.  british accents. If you watch my live instagram stories, follow me on snapchat, or happen to be in the same room as tristen & I, you're probably all wondering why we jump in and out of british accents all the time. I've been a fan of a good british accent since the tender age of 5. The Parent Trap was my favorite movie as a kid and if Hallie Parker could pretend to be british, then SO COULD I. It also helps that I'm hopelessly devoted to harry styles. ANYWAYS when we went to Italy last month, we had a layover in London which tristen and myself will tell you, might have been the best part of the trip. We only spoke in accents the entire time, which carried over to the entire trip, and now a solid month later we still do it. Its hilarious because we are so bad at them, ( but if you dare say tristen's is better than mine, you will be BLOCKED) its so fun, and just such a better way to live. So. In conclusion. We are not british. But we will be someday.

also, to the girl who said this.... you are a good person and I salute you.

4. memes. My love language is memes. I'm a very easy girlfriend. I'm not needy. I'm not high maintenance. I don't need constant affection. I just need the blinking guy meme texted to me with a funny caption every 25-30 minutes. Thats all I ask. These particularly made me laugh this week:

And this is the part of my blog post where I ask you politely to send me funny tweets or vine threads or youtube videos because zach hasn't sent me one in over an hour and I'm thinking i'm taking this as a sign we should break up. Please apply to be my new boyfriend via funniest found meme. Thank you.

5. technically speaking, I would lose my "basic white girl" membership card if I didn't mention something about the weather. Because WOW mother nature is SUCH a show off lately. It's hard not to be happy when the sun is shining. Zach and I have been hiking and heely-ing (i told you it was real) and snowboarding in 60 degree weather... its the best. We're headed off on another trip next month to somewhere FREEZING so I'm glad we could get in a little warm weather in before we leave :)

6. I'm adding another item to the list because it's my blog and I MAKE THE RULES OKAY. Public Service Announcement to go watch the movie 'Lion.' You'll cry. You'll question the meaning of life. You will google "are angels real and is sunny pawar one of them" Also, since we are talking about movies. Sing Street. It's on netflix. It's in my top 10. Of all time. Thats an honor. So you should take my word for it.


xoxo indy