a sentimental longing for the past

a sentimental longing for the past

once the sun comes out, the only reasonable thing to think about is the summer season RIGHT GUYS? and let me tell you, this summer sickness is a real thing. Its an actual ache in your heart for warm weather and tan skin.

Last summer I spent every single day riding my scooter to work and being kissed by the sun for 5 hours while I watched people have fun. (yo, i got paid though)

-its funny how being a lifeguard makes you actually hate swimming-

nights were spent driving around and listening to good music, and sometimes finding something fun to do. I remember one summer night around midnight, driving by orem summer fest and realizing there was a ginourmous playground right in our midst. me and tristen were with two cute boys and we convinced them to sneak in with us. We rode the slides (You know, those slides with flour sacks) played hide and seek in the fun house, and ran away when we heard people coming.

summer was so good. and a big hand to mother nature for removing the snow off of our front lawn and making this nostalgia 10x worse.

on the reals, this weather rocks so hard. i want summer. thats all.

plus listen to this song and just cry with me because we still have 3 months of school left

The Tallest Man On Earth – Leading Me Now