Classy Affordable Fashion by Indy

Sunday, November 22, 2015

classy affordable fashion by indy

hey guys! so my fans have been requesting that I do an "autumn fashion" blog post. ! When I first started my blog I swore against becoming a "fashion blogger." I didnt want that stereotype, I didnt want to sell out. I just wanted real authentic writing and insight into my life. With that being said, I have to do what my fans have been asking for!! I have searched the internet high and low, read the latest issue of vogue cover to cover, spent endless hours on pinterest gathering up the current trends and have put them together for you so now you can all dress like me! Sweet. lets get started.

my go to item of this season would without a doubt be GAUCHOS.
throw out your skinny jeans ladies because these are the hottest thing on the market. Its so effortless and cool, which is something I really love about them. I can feel like im getting dressed up, but I still feel waaaaaayyyyy comfortable!! its a win-win! 

Urban Outfitters - $54.00

so every season its really important to stay up to date with the latest pop culture trends. luckily I am here to help! Minions aren't going away any time soon, so feel free to stock up on all minion apparel. I found this really silly~self expressive top on nordstrom rack for a really good price. 

Nordstrom Rack - $48.00 

now lets move on to my favorite part... accessories!

these statement earrings will really turn heads this season. not to mention with all the chaos happening around the world, people will love the nod to world peace. who knew simple earrings could...well.. change the world??

ZARA.COM - $28.00

im pretty sure a famous designer said that the best accessories are the ones that frame the face. because thats the best part :-) on that note, these sunglasses will let everyone in the room know that you are bad, you are cool and you are very aware that youre wearing sunglasses indoors. (they have shutters so you can see easier inside, but still have that effortless "i dont care" look.) - $78.00

Hats are a really good way to express yourself (and cover up a bad hair day! lol!) so i've picked my favorite print (polka dots) mixed with a giant mustache. it fits around the "classy- yet cool" theme i've been going for. I got mine at jcrew, but I know you can also buy cute hats like these almost anywhere :-)

JCREW - $294.00


The latest thing in footwear is thick heeled flip flops. Its chic, and so so comfortable. like I said, win-win situation. plus, the rainbow print is to die for. so 70's.

Christian Louboutin- $690.00

Hoverboards are so last season. Heely's are all the rage. This cute print is girly-yet punk. I love these because you can wear them anywhere. To the grocery store, a court hearing, the mall, anywhere! they go with any outfit. 


This months fashion inspiration: Ashley Tisdale

she is QUEEN. effortless, funky, but classy and chic. what I try to embody every morning when I dress myself.

You guys, thanks so much for reading and I hope I was able to give you guys some good insight on whats hot this season. always remember to be yourself and that the best accessory a girl can wear is a....