dont u wish ur boyfriend was hot like mine

lets introduce my handsome boyf


Jackson Dunford or more famously known as JDUN

he likes manly things of course, like hitting people really hard in football.

but he wont tell you that he watches the bachelor with me every week.

he loves christmas lights, and flannels and pop tarts. 

he wants to travel the world and 90 % of our conversations are discussing where he's going on his mish. hes preparing to serve the lord for two years which is rad as HECK! and makes me so so happy. he's the toughest boy I know. One time in basketball he fell on his wrist, fracturing it, but kept his composure and nailed both free throws. He would do anything for anyone, no matter what, and is one of the nicest human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing.

also i make him wear that black hat almost every day. its become crucial to our relationship and if anything happened to that little guy, i would be truly devastated. 

pretty sappy and stuff but this boy is my best friend and I post about him a lot 

(like... what would you do if you had a hot boyfriend geez)