Sundays are the perfect day for unorganized blog posts. Here's a list of a few of my favorite things currently.


If you don't know every word to this song you are one of two things.

1. A liar

2. A boring human being

This little lovely came on shuffle, while having a much needed jam session on  Friday night. Suddenly I was taken back to sixth grade, thick knitted headbands, braces, and my love for Seth Pratte. Jordin Sparks was my HERO circa 2008. 

You should also be Informed that since that little throw back, my most listened to albums on spotify are Hilary duff's and Aly and Aj's. My street cred has decreased immensely, but personally, I can't think of anything more gangster than spitting every verse of Potential Breakup Song without single flaw.

Girl power. 

+ Missionary letters

I'd be lying to you guys if I didn't sing "We just got a letter, we just got a letter. We just got a letter, WONDER WHO ITS FROM" everytime I danced my way to the house from the mailbox.

Having a cute boy on a mish, has introduced me to that "christmas eve" feeling every single week. Writing letters is so bomb you guys. It's hella romantic (even though I just used "hella" and "romantic" in the same sentence) and so much fun. 

Quick update: Jack is still handsome and funny and weird. I love that kid more and more every week. 

+ THIS Necklace

I'm so obsessed with my Ashatari "symbol of hope" necklace. this rad company donates money to under privileged children to help them receive an education. It's something that we all take for granted every single day. Buy a necklace and buy an education for another child. EDUCATION IS FOR EVERYONE! Check them out on Instagram @Ashatari or their website ashatari.com

+!Harry potter marathons 

If you know me. You know my two favorite things in this life are

Harry styles 

And Harry potter.

And ABC family really pulls through for me with their whole "Harry potter marathon every two weeks" thing.

I always imagine the ABC family headquarters with two huge red buttons on the wall. 

The 25 days of Christmas button, and a huge countdown poster next to it.

And a Harry Potter marathon button. With a poster next to it saying "it's been ____ many days since the last Marathon" and the higher the number, the more uneasy the employees feel.

Never the less, I'm convinced there's few greater feelings in this world, than the feeling you get when you hear The Sorcerers Stone is going to be on TV at 8pm central. Magic.

+ Harry's man bun

This is something that has changed mankind. It's dramatically affected  my life in ways I am unable to describe. When my children are in history class, they will be taught about 2014, the year of Harry's man bun. And i'll probably be the one educating the class.

Happy Sunday to you all.