Friday Night Midnight Thoughts

 -paramore is actually really fantastic

- Survivor is the greatest and most genius show on television. Im constantly shaking my head that the world isn't as obsessed as my mom.

- How incredibly strange is it that utah decides to make local celebrities out of each other based off of their instagrams and twitters? social media fiends, I tell you.

- speaking of instagram and twitter, I have met so many new people through you and for that, I thank you. Not for taking over my life, and making me less intelligent and cultured, but for introducing me to some of the nicest people in the valley. People are actually really cool, I have come to realize.

- Jack gets his mission call on wednesday.

- he also hates when I call him Jack.

- Last night I was sad, and my six year old little sister came up to me sobbing. She gave me a big hug, and I asked her why she was crying. She replied: "I just love you so much and I want you to be happy"
This made my entire life, you guys.

-It won't be long until weekends are just like every other day. I like being young. I like anticipating fridays.

- I dont want to go to college, actually i'll probably find myself on the Bachelor. I would be a great contestant, and if he's anything like Juan Pablo, I would just enjoy the ride, the screen time, free airfare, traveling the world, thousands of twitter followers, and then we could politely end things when I tell him I have a missionary waiting for me.

- I need to organize my life