life update!

Hi guys! sorry to leave you hanging, I'm so bad at consistently posting. In my head, i'll think of a hundred things I need to be doing before I write a post. Like watch Stranger Things all the way through. twice. Like writing and publishing a novel. Like setting a world record. Like finding Jimmy Fallon's address and breaking up his marriage.... you know, really important things.

I honestly couldn't even think of where to start, so I'll just give you guys a quick little life update. 

+ I spent a month in Thailand being barefoot everyday, never doing my hair or makeup, and hardly wearing any clothing. So it was nice to come home and be able to dress up a little bit :) One of my favorite boutiques, Soel (@soelboutique) sent me this dress and I haven't taken it off. I met up with my friends from the trip last night and they were like "Woah! You actually look like a decent put together person!" because they were so used to seeing the islander version of me haha ;) check them out on instagram or their website HERE

+ Its safe to say Jet Lag and I are well acquainted. We're so tight. But we don't get along. Jet Lag is ANNOYING. Like a sister who steals your clothes, and also your hot boyfriend level annoying. Sometimes I don't sleep at all. Sometimes I lay in bed for hours wondering why my parents didn't raise me as an olympian. Sometimes I sleep for 10 hours during the day and realize I'm pathetic and a waste of human space. So i'm hoping at some point Jet Lag becomes the sister who moves out, marries rich and I never hear from again. Fingers crossed!!                  

+ While I was in gone, I got the worst news of my life. My best friend who is also related to me (because god is real) my cousin Hallie, left on her mission. She was supposed to leave after I got home, but she was called earlier than expected for visa reasons and had to leave while I was gone. WE DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SAY GOODBYE! In person, I mean. We got to facetime and ugly cry it out for a good minute. She's off to England for a year and a half. I was abandoned. So I made her promise me to convert Harry Styles and we'll call it even. 

+ This year has been 10/10 for so many reasons. Like Donald Trump memes, The Lizzie Mcguire movie finally streaming on netflix, Kim Kardashian exposing Taylor Swift on snapchat, ect. But I have to say a contributing factor to this year being so amazing is that I got to see my two favorite bands in concert. Twice. I saw the 1975 in April, and LANY in may. Then paul and the boys came BACK in october, and 1975 came two weeks after them. It was unbelievable. I truly think at the end of my life, the days i'll want to relive are the days I spent smashed up against a barrier with sweaty strangers violating my personal space. Its magical. 

+ I went to Seattle to film a wedding a little while ago and it was UNREAL! I already want to go back. Its really everything you expect it to be. Rainy all the time, men with beards and a lot of instagram followers drinking coffee on every corner, it pretty much lives up to the hype. However my uber driver was quick to tell me that 'NO, Seattle Grace isn't a real hospital' and 'Even if Mcdreamy was real, he's dead' (needless to say, HE did not get a good review.) I loved it though. I could spend every morning for the rest of my life, wandering around pikes place, and hustling the cheese guy out of samples. 

+ I also went to Disneyworld. It had been 10 years. I cried. But if anyone asked, it was just water. From Splash Mountain. In my eye.

+ My current obsession is The Weeknd's new album.  Stargirl Interlude needs to be 30 minutes longer but it's still musical genius.  Lana + Abel = the best collab since Avril Lavigne and Nickleback.

+ MICROBLADING. I'm a victim to trends and a slave to good eyebrows. I don't wear a lot of makeup, because i'm really bad at makeup haha! So I was in my chair ready to go by the time she even finished saying "low maintenance." I got them done from Ash last friday so they're still new and thick and still the ongoing joke around my household but I think they look BOMB. And I've gotten a lot of compliments too! I was at the gym and three girls came up to me and asked me who did my brows and I sent them straight to Ash's instagram. The girl is a WIZARD. I'll show you guys an updated picture in a couple of weeks when everything heals. 

+ I'm still filming weddings all the time and its the best thing ever. I even filmed a birth story last month. Yep. I got paid to witness the miracle of life. WHAT A JOB RIGHT?! Check out my latest work on vimeo, or in the video tab at the top of my website. Love u lots.

+ My phone broke a couple weeks ago and I had to get a new one. But I forgot to back it up and I lost EVERYTHING! So, gone forever are all of my favorite pictures and videos. ( I had over 6,000 videos alone on my camera roll.) Gone forever is the video of Justin Bieber dancing inappropriately on stage. The video of Courtney kissing my little brother on his birthday. Or Paul Kim karate kicking Dallen in the face. Or Rachel Winters trying to beat me up. My favorite memories. GONE!! If anyone knows of a way to recover lost pics or videos, comment or email me because I feel like I just lost a child. (a child named 'blackmail'.)

+ Halloween was a month ago, but we need to bring it back up because I desperately need validation of my costume. North West is my idol, and a fashion icon at three years old. I feel connected to her in the sense that I think we'll both take over the world someday. So this year it made sense to pay tribute to baby yeezus. 

+ Honestly guys the real reason I made this post was just to tell you that I GOT A PUPPY. And she's perfect!  I'm not a self centered person. I'd say I'm a humble person. Considerate of others. I'll let you beat me on Mario Kart every once in awhile to lift your spirits. But lately.... I walk around thinking, WHY isn't everyone asking me about my puppy?? this is a BIG deal. I got a puppy!! Why didn't that girl tell me my dog was cute? I know she saw my instagram story?? So my world currently revolves around a 3 pound ball of fur that resembles a teddy bear and has no name. And I like it that way. (Except the no name part. Help a girl out? I suggested Bowie, Ralphie, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, all the basic dog names and it got shut down. So i'm open to anything.)

And that is all for today my babes. I have some really exciting things coming up this month like my Thailand video and blog post i'll be releasing next sunday! I'm so excited for you guys to see it. Until then, I'll be hiding out in my room. Working and googling Jimmy's address. Love you all!