prom 2.0


Homecoming was rolling around the corner last sepetember. Me being freshly able to date, I pretty much tatooed "Come and get it boys" on my forehead, and was dropping hints like crazy because I really wanted to go to Homecoming. In the deep deep back corner of my mind, I had a little glimmer of hope that the quarter back of the football team, Jackson Dunford would ask me. But he was way too cool for me, and way too handsome. I watched every single one of my friends get asked to the dance, and quickly started realizing I probably wasnt going to get asked and that was okay! I totally made myself okay with it, and I was dead set on the fact that I wasn't going to go.

So on a random wednesday night, like 2 weeks before homecoming, my best friend tristen walks in the door. I wouldnt have suspected anything if it wasn't 11:00 at night. She just came and sat down as if she was just going to sit and watch dance moms with me, but Im smart. Im a smart girl. I immediately smelled "distraction" and shot tristen a look that she returned with a shaky smile and a
"What are you talking about ha.. ha.."

I darted for the door. Screw the surprise, I wanted to know who was asking me. Right then and there. I was anxious, you guys. I was smart, but not smart enough because I forgot tristen does cross fit which already makes her 10x better than me in general, especially in a fight.

okay we didnt "fight" but she down right tackled me on my kitchen floor as I was reaching for the door and using my last bit of energy to crawl outside. Long story short: She won. I pouted like a little kid in time out, until I heard a knock on the door and sprinted as fast as I could. Tristen didn't stop me this time, and I immediately saw a trail of candles leading to the back of my house.

I really didn't even have to see who asked me, because the candles won me over. But can you imagine, how fast my heart started beating when I saw the CUTEST Senior guy, standing there?
Jackson was so nervous, holding up a sign that said
"Baby you light up my world like nobody else. Will you go to Homecoming with me?

*cue one direction fan girls screaming out of jealousy*

The homecoming game was incredible and I watched my hot date score like 5 touchdowns as usual.
The dance was the next day, and we also had our first kiss. Is it okay to note that I made the first move? Does that make me bad A? Cause I did. And we were fresh, and so so awkward. Like this one part of the night, J was trying to be suave and romantic and he lifted me up, but the buttons on his cuffs got stuck to the bottom of my dress which was entirely made of lace. My entire dress came up and I probably screamed, which is not the best thing to do when your bum is already out for the whole school to see. We spent a couple minutes getting ourselves out of that one, but he was so nice, and so charming and made me feel comfortable the entire night. I could not believe the coolest guy actually wanted to be seen with me  wanted to go out with me. It was a dream.


Finding a dress for prom proved harder than expected. This was my conversation with my mom every day after school.

Mom: "Indy look at these dresses"
Me: *mentally prepares myself for showdown*
Mom: Do you like this one?
Me: Nahhh
Mom: well how about this one?
Me: Nahhh

after repeating this for 15 minutes, my mom would furiously exit the room, indicating my victory.
Finally we found a beaut from my trusty shop ASOS. I have gotten every dress from there, they are all affordable, really fabulous and they have all fit me perfectly.

Our day date was Lagoon, and I felt like I was on the Bachelor because who just goes to Lagoon for a date unless youre on a TV dating show am I right? I was dying! I honestly have had the hardest time, even after dating someone for half a year, with people paying for me. Flash back to homecoming -- I remember we went to costa vida after our day date and I was absolutely mortified! I was actually legitimately sweating and getting so uncomfortable because I hated boys spending money on me. My mom assured me that guys like to pay for girls (the good guys anyway.) And its something I've got over.. for the most part. But lagoon was so awesome,  and we had the best group out there.

The dance was more perfect than I could have ever imagined my first Prom to be. Way better than any 80's movie that has set my expectations un-realistically high. We both looked fabulous, and everyone was talking about the power couple (us) all week. 

 The DJ came on the mic and announced the last dance. I started freaking out.
heres two things that you need to know about me.

1. I am the most sentimental person ever. EVER. Like, i keep birthday cards from when I was eight years old - sentimental.

2. I am the most emotional person ever. (thanks mom) And so many girls will say "Im the most emotional girl ever" but until you bawl your eyes out at the Suite Life of Zack and Cody finale, Im going to hold on to that title.

So immediately, as the song came on, I started to cry. I tried to hard not to, but the song was "All about us" by He is We and that was another song that I adored as a teeny bopper and knew every word to. It was a special song to me, and I quickly realized this was it. It happened so fast, everything. I still have another year of high school, but im growing up scary fast and I hate it and kind of love it. Jack & I went away from everyone, and im told later all my friends thought we just wanted to makeout,

and as the song was about to end, and I danced one more time with my high school sweet heart, I started thinking back to homecoming. (Not the time where I accidently flashed everyone due to a wardrobe malfunction) Everything was new, it was the beginning. Our first dance, our first awkward doorstep kiss, and now here I was seven months later with the same guy who wasn't even the same guy that first dance. Not just some cool senior guy/ quarter back, he was genuinely my best friend and It honestly broke my freaking heart, because it was all ending.

The song ended, it was beautiful, and romantic.
And then some kid walked by us and yelled "Get Some!" and thats all I can remember.