After our 5 days in San Diego, me, Zach and his siblings drove to Mexico to stay with his dad for a couple of days. We showed up around 2pm, to the most gorgeous beach house, and after a quick walk on the beach, Zach and I went inside to take a nap.

that's a deal breaker for me, by the way. I'm a napper.

I like my fair share of adventuring, exploring, making a fool of myself, but all of that is pretty exhausting. And Zach is constantly on the go. When we first met, I asked him if he was religious, and he said that his religion was "Fun." He seriously does. not. stop. Most of his favorite activities involve something dangerous that will most likely land one of us in the hospital. Dating someone like this is thrilling, it's exciting, it's refreshing. But all of that means nothing to me if you can't appreciate a good nap.

luckily, he passed that test. 

And in the same way I love naps, I love cheesy teenage Netflix drama's. Yep. You know where this is going. Thirteen reasons why had just come out the week before. 

One episode in, and we were hooked. 

About halfway through, all of zach's siblings wandered in and we're glued to the screen as well.

There's a lot of mixed opinions about this show, but I think everyone can agree that you can't just watch ONE episode, right?!?! We have QUESTIONS.

WHY did Hannah commit suicide?                                                                                                        WHO IS TONY AND WHY IS HE ALWAYS AROUND???                                                                           WHY does clay dress like a provo all star who listens to 21 pilots and probably sells home security????

So we kept watching. And the next thing we knew, it was 2 in the morning and we were 7 tapes in. 

Never mind the fact that we were on a private beach in Mexico, we'd rather sit and watch angsty teenagers bully each other for 8 hours straight.

I wake up the next day, already a little emotionally exhausted from this show, only to open twitter and throw myself into hysteric sobs. TODAY WAS THE DAY.


Do you even understand the type of dedication it takes for a fangirl to cry before she even plays the SONG? I locked myself in the bathroom, and listened to it seven times in a row. Sobbing, at the gift from god himself that is Harry Styles. It was pure magic. I didn't think the trip could get any better. In fact, I was certain we didn't even need to go to Iceland anymore. My needs were met. My skin cleared. My stress was relieved. My bank account balanced. Everything was alright in the world....

except we still didn't know why clay was on the tapes, so we had to figure that out first.

We paced ourselves today, limiting us to two episodes in the morning, and three at night. This way we were actually able to be productive and useful contributing members to society. We walked around the beach, attempted surfing, ate our body weight in tacos, took a ride in a mini airplane from guy on the beach named 'Air Javier', aaaaaannnnnnnd then we returned to our comfort zone back on the couch to watch tapes 7-13. Priorities. 

 After Mexico, Zach's siblings had to leave to get back to school, and we still had a couple of days until our flight  to Iceland, so we drove back into California and stayed with my good friends who happen to have a dope lil band called THE ACES.

(check them out here)

We swam, we shopped, we went to a Padre's game, we went to the Santa Monica pier, it was fantastic. But we were anxious. We were ready to go. We were ready to say goodbye to LA and the side eye we kept getting from ordering  non organic meals.

We were ready for ICELAND.