guys. IM HOME! I feel like I've been gone for years. After a month of sleeping in a new bed almost every single night, it's sooooo freaking nice to be writing this post from my OWN BED. THE REAL OG!!

You'd actually probably be surprised to find out that I'm a huge homebody. In high school I had to force myself to go out on weekends because I love my alone time so much. I mean obviously I love traveling but in between trips, I don't leave my house for weeks haha! And I think thats what I love about traveling. I firmly believe in that quote that we all have saved somewhere in the depths of our Pinterest boards that says,

"life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

and for me, my comfort zone is my bed. 

(Abraham Lincoln took naps. MICHAEL JORDAN TOOK NAPS!)

So going to new countries, and being immersed in different worlds and cultures, is far outside of my comfort zone. Its awesome and I love it, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. but waking up in my own bed, with my dog jumping on my face, is my favorite kind of wake up call. SO LETS GET INTO IT.

I seriously feel like I need to catch my breath before even writing about this! I haven't even had time to process the past couple of weeks. 

a couple months ago, when Zach was in India, we were facetiming one night and decided to plan a trip for spring break.

I'm a huge believer in spring break, guys. It's almost religious. I think its so necessary to take a break (I probably take more than I should) and just relax and de-stress somewhere sunny and warm and drink pina coladas (and by pina coladas I mean sprite) and just love your beach goddess self for a week. Last year I went to Hawaii, and the year before that I went to Thailand, so basically, I set the bar pretty high for spring break. So this was the ultimate boyfriend test. to see if he could hang. And I think our conversation went something like this:

"How about we go to Iceland?"

"They have beaches in Iceland right?"

(haha, anyone who knows me knows I'm cold 90% of the day. It can be the middle of July and I'll still have the heater on full blast.) So Iceland, or anywhere with the word "ice" in it, is probably the last place you'd expect to find me. But ICELAND!!! I said yes so quick. its been on my bucket list for years. Tickets were cheap, way cheap. like $350 roundtrip, direct flight from LA cheap. so u KNOW we copped those real quick.

So thats how it started. A simple little trip to Iceland. And then somehow, our 10 day spring break turned into 25 days. In 3 different countries.  I'm still not really sure how it happened, or how I pulled it off financially. but if my bank asks where I am, just tell them I died in a mosh pit at a kendrick lamar concert.


- We drove to Vegas and may or may not have gotten married by an Elvis impersonator, in a chapel downtown. We refuse to confirm or deny any rumors.


- We made it to San Diego! We were here with Zach's family for a big reunion. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and girlfriends were invited. (girlfriends, meaning me. I was invited. cool huh?) we stayed in the dreamiest beach house for 5 days, and didn't really do much except play in the sand, drink capri suns, skimboard, hot tub, and watch the sunset from baddest and boujee-est balcony in the all the land. My room faced the ocean, and I left my window open every night just so I could wake up to the sound of waves crashing. I've become such an ocean girl lately. Growing up in Utah especially, I was all about the mountains, and hiking and camping and didn't think I would ever find something I loved more. But I think it's just because I didn't grow up going to the beach. Having been around the water more in the last couple of years, I've completely fallen in love. It's so peaceful, and powerful, and there's just something the way it makes you feel when you're sitting there with the waves tickle your toes as the sun goes down. like magic.


- I'm by no means local status when it comes to California. I'm smart enough to know you don't call it "Cali" and that Ruby's Diner is TRASH (don't @ me) other than that I'm no expert. But in all my years of visiting, my favorite beach is and always will be Victoria beach. Not that its any big secret, its just my favorite! I don't know if it's the memories I've had there, the location, the tower, or the fact that I've never been when it's crowded. It's as if you're there all alone in the world, like you're filming an episode of the hills with your best friends and you're obviously Lauren Conrad and there's no sign of sharks or annoying tourists, or Heidi's or Spencer's. It's great. A must see. And the best part was, Zach had never been there!!! Zach and I love showing each other our favorite places. Our second date, we just drove around for hours, taking turns showing each other our special spots, where we go to clear our head, or a good Thai food place, a pretty lookout, anywhere that meant something to us. So when I realized he hadn't been to my favorite beach, I was so excited to show him. 

Day 4

- In the same way I believe in spring break, I believe in Disneyland. It was hot, it was crowded, it was a 3 hour wait for the cars ride, but it was DISNEYLAND. I go to Disneyland so often for many reasons. the food, the hot dads, splash mountain, ect. but I think mainly it's because I've never emotionally aged past seven years old and I still want to be a Disney princess someday.

Day 5

- THE FLOWER FIELDS! I got so many questions about this place. Its in Carlsbad. Which I've decided is where I'll end up someday. Carlsbad is dope?!?! how am I just realizing this? Is anyone from there that can reassure me that I need to drop everything I'm doing and move there right now? Anyways, me, Zach and his sister Anna went to the field at golden hour. It was amazing, hardy anyone was there, just us, the flowers, and Sterling, the old guy who yelled at us and threatened to kick us out if we crossed the rope again. (he obviously didn't realize I had an INSTAGRAM AESTHETIC TO KEEP UP)

It was the perfect first week, to an unforgettable trip. California is so refreshing. I always leave more inspired.

But that's all for today, because I've been gone for three weeks and I need to catch up on Survivor. Priorities. sorry. 

Also, in attempt to nurse this blog back to health, I'll be trying to post more frequently. I won't always post on Instagram when I write something on here, so just check back every couple of days! also I LOVE YOU! You guys are seriously the best, most loyal readers and supporters and I feel so blessed everyday for you and your sweet comments. I love you I love you I love you.