Two thousand thirteen in a nutshell

Honestly speaking, I have never grown more than I did this year. I became extremely independent during the summer, and a dependent emotional wreck during the winter. I met so many cool people. Really, I'm fascinated by the nice nice nice people that make up Utah County and I hope to meet more awesome kids this year. 

I hit my stride at the beginning of 2013, and I realized high school was awesome. I was such a high school kid my sophomore year and I sincerely loved it. It might have been because i made friends with some seniors that made school worthwhile. I went to st. george, watched too many baseball games, went stag to nearly every dance, read the Harry Potter series more times than healthy, and finally school ended.

The first night of summer I kissed a boy. I hadn't kissed a boy my whole sophomore year so I was on cloud nine, not to mention it was Stetson Richey and I always had a crush on him.

The summer was the best for me, I had a job with nearly every friend I ever had. The hours were great, I got tan as freak, and the pay was perfect for a sixteen year old girl.

Earlier in the year, I promised myself my New Years goal would be to "spend money on beautiful memories" so I tried doing so, I went to concerts, parties, movies, road trips. But the rest of my paycheck was spent on Taco Bell and shaved ice and I can hardly be mad at myself for spending money on those beautiful memories.

Summer meant gossip girl with Stetson 

Late night freestyle sessions with Jonny, Ian and McKay.

Exploring with Connor and Richie.

Tanning with Carly and Maddy.

Denny's every week no matter what.

And Driving anywhere and everywhere with tristen.

The trip I took to St. George at the end of the summer is still to this day the best weekend of my life. It was the type of summer I knew I would tell my kids about a million times and they would know it by heart because I would talk about it so much. The summer was beautiful and I zero desire to go back to the halls of good old THS. 

All my friends were gone on missions now, what was I supposed to do? School was awful for the first little while, but football season was fun because there was this tall handsome kid named Jackson who I had a crush on, and luckily he liked me too. 

We were the best of friends, and he asked me to a dance. The quarterback asks the cheerleader to homecoming, it's the oldest story in the book. We're still best friends and we still do everything together, in case you were wondering.

2013 meant dates, it meant my first date with my grandpa, bowling dates, longboarding dates, Halloween dates, decadence dates, movie dates, temple square dates, and about every date a high school kid can think of. It was the teenage dream, guys

I read lots of books, watched too much new girl, watched many academy award films, and listened to some great music. The concerts I went to this year were unreal, but that's a post for another time.its strange, actually howemotionally attached  I was to the year. 2013 in general, was a good place to be in. And I'm scared to death of the unknown. 

It's strange how we see things. Two days ago, it was 2013 and just like that, it's not. But it was still two days ago no matter how we see it, and summer was still six months ago, and yesterday is now gone and all I'm trying to say, is memories will always be there. Humans don't understand the concept of time, and it's a hard one to grasp completely. A year is something we made up to keep ourselves sane. the new year is a landmark way of mentally filing all of the good times, late nights, long talks, heartache, and laughter into one place. You'll top it off and name it 2013 and come back to it on a rainy day when you need those memories to help you

The new file begins now, and I am desperately trying to be optimistic. We keep getting older and I hate it. But I'm determined, to make this such a good year in the life of indy sev, one that my kids will tell their kids about.


Friends! Love you all, thanks for reading another annoying New Years wannabe inspirational post. You're all freaking awesome.