will you go to prom with me? and dance & dance


Its 10:42 PM, and im sitting here, with a tub of ice cream (its a small tub, geez) fork in hand, and a half done book report, realizing ill probably never be Hailey Devine. But also realizing that
1. This ice cream is so freaking good
and 2. This is the last book report ill do for 4 more months, and that fact alone is something worth celebrating! (With two whole small tubs of ice cream, probably.)

There is hardly a time more relaxing, exciting, sentimental and pull-your-hair-out stressful as the month of may. It comes in, soft and sweet, with promises of sunny weather, and the perfect door step scenes (prom season, ya guys) I wish I had the desire to finish this book report, honestly I really do, but its no where to be found, and I would rather talk about prom anyways.

 (Ill skip the "pull-your-hair-out" stage the month of May brings, or maybe ill save it for when that stage is actually over.)

The beginning of May, which is like it promises, soft and sweet, means two words. Prom & Mom.
Girls are pampered in may, and I think its one of the reasons it is so sweet in the beginning. I mean think about it. Cute boys paying for a completely unnessecary day date, fancy dinner, AND you get to wear heels?! Mothers day isnt too far after, which means breakfast in bed for all you cute mamas, i would like to think. So naturally, I think girls are accustomed to this month to begin with.

This was the first year I actually did get to experience the excitement of Prom. I wish so badly I had a dramatic story to blog about. I wish this was a John Hughes movie, and I was playing Molly Ringwald. But there was no Jake Ryan, no Blane McDonough and no Duckie. I lucked out though, and got Jackson Dunford, my darling, ever so loyal boyfriend of sixth months.

 Why must I make 80's movies references in every story

It was kind of a given that Jackson and I were going to prom together and I didn't even expect him to ask me, i just assumed we were going. But it was his first prom, and mine as well, and considering he would never have another, he went all out to ask me. And he did it in the most simple, adorable yet sentimental way possible. (Those sentimental boys. Dangerous, i tell you. Lethal, even.) Back in the princess days,

(I hate returning to the file I have on my computer mentally titled as the "dark days" which include all pictures from 7th-9th grade, but I did it just for the sake of the story.)

When we would do parades in the summer, we would always catch ourselves singing THIS catchy song.  I could not tell you why, because this song had zero relevance to thirteen year old girls wearing crowns on a parade float. Its so embarassing, its borderline Screamo, but like i said, for the sake of the story, you must hear the song. (you have to watch the stick figure dance to it, it adds effect.)

We would laugh so hard, til we were in tears, and sing it at the top of our lungs. There is this terribly embarassing video of us singing it on the float

"Will you go to prom with me? and dance and dance and dance and dance and dance...."

Im almost certain this video is also locked away in the "dark days" file, but never the less, Jackson saw it. THE HORROR. I obviously, had no idea until I came home one night to Jackson playing a ukelele singing "Will you go to prom with me?" andddd.... you get the rest.

It clicked. And while I should have been focused on this tall hot guy wearing a beanie, playing the ukelele and singing to me in a scratchy voice, I could only think of one thing.

He saw the video.

I quickly got over it, and melted, as he sang to me this song that had once made me laugh harder than anything. He took a dumb song I used to like as a SEVENTH GRADER, and turned it into a cute less annoying song and actually asked me to prom with it.  I gauruntee I said to Lindsey sometime that summer "I hope someone asks me to prom with this song" He even went as far as to contact each of the four girls and ask them to help him out. In the end, they couldnt find a time that all worked, but its the thought that counts right? RIGHT.

So there we had it! And the way I answered him was even better. Okay maybe not. But it was awesome. In my head im this determined woman, not afraid of anything. But there is one thing I am afraid of... Car crashes. This alone (and my absolute laziness) kept me from getting my license for almost a year after my sixteenth birthday. Ridiculous right? I finally buckled down and decided it was embarassing to have my mom drop me off at the mall, so I started roading at 6 oclock every morning for a week. I realized I had nothing to be afraid of, and driving was way easy. The brilliant part of this whole thing, however, was I didn't tell Jackson. It was actually really difficult because I would run into him before school and he would wonder why I was there so early.. lame excuses were made and he never suspected a thing.

Friday after school I pretended to steal my brothers car and drove Jackson around town. He was probably scared out of his mind, but still trying to maintain his "supportive boyfriend" persona he's mastered. I asked him to reach in the glove box, and there was a little poster with my brand new drivers license saying:

YES I got my license today,

YES I would drive to the ends of the earth for you,

YES I will go to prom with you.

*audible gasps and rounds of applause are heard from pinterest bloggers across the country*

I surprised him almost as good as he surprised me, and like that we were following the stereotype of the elaborate "asking and answering" of prom, that everyone in utah follows. I was happy with it all anyway, and what kind of blogger would I be if I didnt go all out and set up secret roading sessions to get my license behind my boyfriends back, right?

I would tell you all the dramatic details of prom, but I actually really do have to finish my book report because its now midnight and I am out of ice cream.

Until next time, loves.