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Indy has been an influencer her whole life.  In High School, as cheer captain she created several routines that became legendary and are still performed by other schools in the state.

As a senior she was chosen by NASA to become a special social media correspondent during a Rocket Booster Launch based on the strength of her social media game and potential to reach a new audience. She outperformed expectations on all fronts and her posts were viewed more than any other contributor.

Indy has a knack for new creativity and is able to express it on a variety of fronts. Whether it is through her job as a videographer; writing new blog posts or promoting and selling out swimsuits as an influencer on instagram.

Indy has substantial social media game BEFORE her viral video . Then on January 1, 2017 Indy posted a video, like she had done dozens of times before.  But this time it was a game changer.  It went big.

Indy was told by one major hollywood mentor, that having one viral video, anyone can do...  But can you have  TWO viral videos, is the question.   The very next video Indy posted a month later, of her trip to Paris, went viral.  Challenge accepted.

Indy's 2016 video has since been viewed 12 million times.    Her twitter following increased from 5K to currently 65K as of October 3, 2017.  Her instagram following went from 17K to 80 K during that same period of time.

Shortly after her viral video, Indy posted a blog post on twitter that also went viral and created a folk hero out of Indy in the eyes of thousands of kids who felt like someone finally understood them and their academia woes.   She received hundreds of email responses thanking her for changing their lives and to this day receives the most fan mail over her blog.



It's hard to find many influencers, even with much larger following, with this kind of engagement.  With instagram posts averaging 12K likes and hundreds of comments, ensuring whatever Indy is promoting will reach an actual and active audience.   Indy's fans like what she has to say, and wear and listen to.  ETC

VIEWS:   Snapchat Stories: 7K in 24 hours                                                                                                 Instagram stories 27K in 24 hours                                                                                                         Instagram videos:  Viral video has 213 K views

Indy's website averages 24 K visits per month.

About 10 fan mail per day. 20 instagram DM's per day.  When a video is posted, hundreds of DM's are received


COLLABORATIONS:   McDonalds, Urban Outfitters, Arlo Hotels NYC, Gnash Swim, Albion Fit, Thread Wallets, Mady by Mary and more...

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Indy is a prolific writer/blogger who does not follow the prescription route for bloggers these days with OOTD and ten pictures in different angles.  Indy writes from the heart about her life and experiences and it resonates with people.  Her most popular blog to date has been shared on twitter hundreds of times, has 400 likes on her blog and 56 comments; not to mention hundreds of fan mail letters where boys and girls, men and women talk about how Indy has changed their lives. 

Indy grew her twitter and instagram fan base before she hit it big with her viral video, with her quick wit and fire captions.   Check any post from instagram and there will be a dozen comments about her clever captions.   She is often asked to write captions for others.


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Indy became an overnight sensation with her 2016 viral video.  She has never promoted her YOUTUBE channel on twitter or other platforms, and it has grown organically, gaining steam with each video Indy would post.      Indy is an accomplished videographer and she supports herself with her own business.     She travels extensively and films travel videos as well as travel vlogs which have become increasingly more popular with her fans and audience.   This is her best video on YouTube about  Bali and has at last count 168 K views.